Here are some steps to take before starting negotiations to increase your chance of success.

Ask for Manager’s Feedback Early

Before mentioning the idea of a raise, you’ll want to confirm how the company sees your job performance. Ask your manager for feedback on your current performance, or on a recent project. This will help you gauge the right time to begin negotiation. It will also help you build and present a stronger case.

Document Success

Before discussing salary list examples of how you added value to the company. Take a look at look at annual report or mission statements to tie back to company goals. Create slides or a chart showing where you added value, so both parties agree on the facts.

Approach as Conversation

Approaching salary negotiation as Starting with an open conversation about perform and and job requirement can give you insight to the company’s process, while increasing your chances of success.

Meet with Manager to Give Heads Up

No one like to be caught off guard, this can also lessen your chances of success. Before beginning negotiations make an meeting appointment with your manager to let them know you plan on asking for a raise. You can get early feedback and you will give them time to start considering the opportunity, without the added pressure of time constraints.

Find Your Market Value

Know your market value for your skills and experience. Check your company’s current job description for your role, compare your skills against the job requirements. Also, what additional duties are you prepared to take on?

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