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How I Doubled My Salary: A Real Life Salary Negotiation

Location: Remote Position: Senior Software Engineer Previous salary: $90k Negotiated salary: $180k + $30k bonus I was working at a company as a defense contractor for several months making $90,000. A founder of a startup reached out to me to share a new role...

/ March 1, 2019

Do This Before Discussing Salary (and you’ll increase your odds)

Here are some steps to take before starting negotiations to increase your chance of success. Ask for Manager’s Feedback Early Before mentioning the idea of a raise, you’ll want to confirm how the company sees your job performance. Ask your manager for...

/ February 10, 2019

What Companies Think When You Negotiate Salary

When a candidate accepts a job offer the employer must decide if they are willing to negotiate. Employers approach negotiations similarly for both candidates and current employees. Knowing how companies evaluate your request will increase your chance of success. Employers...

/ December 8, 2018